About Swami Debananda Ashram

Swami Debananda Ashram is a monastic organisation founded on the spiritual instructions of His Holiness, Swami Debananda Maharaj. The ashram has been established for facilitating the spiritual pursuit of both the monastic and lay devotees. At present there are 14 branches of the ashram around India and abroad. The headquarters of the ashram is at Krishnapur (Nadra), Dist- Burdwan, West Bengal. A Board of Trustees oversees and forms the policies governing all the branches of the ashram and the Dibyasanga Kendras.



The Ashram Trust was formed in the year 1997. At present its President is His Holiness, Swami Debananda Maharaj, and the Vice-Presidents are Swami Atmananda and Sri Pranabeswar Das. The Trust also controls the charitable activities of Swami Debananda Mission. Committed to following a path of spiritual discipline, the saffron clad monks and brahmacharis (those who have not yet taken the formal vows of Sanyasa) of Swami Debananda Ashram live at the various branches of the ashram spread all over the country. The lay devotees seeking spiritual upliftment avail themselves of the programme of Broto-palan, whereby one can stay at the ashram once or more a month and engage in all the activities carried on at the ashram. The regular spiritual programmes of the ashram include yajna, meditation, prayer, kirtan (prolonged and repetitive singing of the Vedic hymn), atmacharcha or participation in self-analytical group discussions, and other activities like keeping the ashram neat and clean. Those staying at the ashram (monastic and lay devotees), take an oath every morning that they will devoutly follow the ideals of “Renunciation”, “Love”, “Respect” and “Joy”. A strict discipline prevails in the ashram where every activity is time-bound and controlled by the tolling of bells.

Daily Routine of Swami Debananda Ashram

4.30 a.m : Waking up from sleep
5.00 a.m – 5.45 a.m : Cleaning the ashram premises
6.00 a.m – 7.00 a.m : Japa and Meditation
7.00 a.m- 7.30 a.m : Prayer, Namgaan and Puja
8.00 a.m : Sapath Path or Taking the Oath
8.15 a.m – 9.00 a.m : Activity
9.15 a.m – Breakfast
9.45 a.m – 11.15 a.m : Activity
11.15 a.m – 11.45 a.m : Offering of Bhog
11.45 a.m – 12.15 p.m : Japa and Meditation
12.30 p.m – 1.30 p.m : Lunch
1.30 p.m – 2.30 p.m : Rest (for 45 mins)
2.45 p.m – 3.15 p.m : Atmacharcha or Self-analytical discussion
3.15 p.m – 3.45 p.m : Japa and Meditation
3.45 p.m – 5.15 p.m : Activity
5.15 p.m – 5.45 p.m : Tiffin
6.00 p.m – 6.30 p.m : Japa and Meditation
6.30 p.m – 7.30 p.m : Prayer, Namgaan and Puja
7.30 p.m – 8.00 p.m : Tiffin
8.00 p.m – 8.45 p.m : Atmacharcha or Self-analytical discussion
9.15 p.m : Supper
10.00 p.m – 10.30 p.m : Japa and Meditation (sitting on bed)
10.00 p.m : Sleep

Dibyasanga Kendras

There are 13 Dibyasanga Kendras around the country:

1. Vill+P.O- Bharatpur, PS- Kanksa, Dist-Burdwan (Estd. 1991)

2. Vill- Binerpar, P.O- Gangarampur, Bamaniya, PS-Indus, Dist-Bankura, PIN-722201 (Estd. 2007)

3. Vill- Bamankhana, P.O- Kishorepur, P.S-Khanakul, Dist- Hooghly (Estd. 1996)

4. Vill- Niranjanbati, P.O-Mayalbondpur, Dist-Hooghly (Estd. 2014)

5. Vill+P.O- Shaora, P.S- Goghat, Dist- Hooghly (Estd.1993)

6. Vill- Ghola, P.O- Jara, P.S- Chandrakona, Dist-West Midnapur, (Estd. 1994)

7. Vill- Hirdharpur, P.S- Chandrakona, Dist- West Midnapur, (Estd. 1986)

8. Vill+P.O- Golar, P.S- Keshpur, Dist – West Midnapur (Estd. 1989)

9. Vill- Kankhua, P.O- Mukhsudpur, P.S-Kotoali, Dist-West Midnapur (Estd. 1992)

10. Vill- Nunyaberiya, P.O- Ghoshpur, P.S- Keshpur, Dist- West Midnapur

11. Vill- Rasunchak, P.O- Ghoshpur, PS- Keshpur, Dist- West Midnapur (Estd. 2004)

12. Flat No. 1/F, NIBAAS Apartment II, cid Lane, Opp. DGP Office, Ulubari, Guahati- 781007.

13. 502, Plot No.- 5, Sector- 30, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai- 410210.

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