Dibyasangha is an association of all the devotees of Swami Debananda Ashram, who take part in the programme of Broto Palan running in several branches of the ashram. Broto Palan is a programme whereby a lay devotee can stay for a day or more in a month at the ashram and participate in all the spiritual and charitable activities conducted by the ashram. This programme gives the lay devotees an opportunity to lead ascetic lives for the purpose of spiritual development. Moreover, any devotee who wishes to serve at the ashram has to be a broti or a participant of the programme of Broto Palan. Broto Palan literally means ‘Keeping the Pledge’.

A broti is, therefore, the one who takes the pledge of devoutly following the ideals of “Renunciation”, “Love”, “Respect” and “Joy”, and endeavours to keep his pledge not only throughout the day that he spends at the ashram, but also when he leaves the ashram and gets back to his domestic life. Dibyasangha unifies all the brotis of Swami Debananda Ashram irrespective of their differences of caste, creed and religion. Dibyasangha is one of the key associations of Swami Debananda Ashram that is responsible for upholding the ideology of the Satguru and carrying forward His mission.


Matrisangha is a society of women devotees associated with Swami Debananda Ashram. According to His Holiness, Swami Debananda Maharaj, the word ma (‘mother’) means mahan or ‘noble’. A mother’s consciousness is characterised by an all-forgiving generosity for her child, which if further evolved can extend to all humanity. This generosity stems from a mental strength called matri-shakti that is latent in all women. The awakening of this matri-shakti or ‘the power of the mother’ is the purpose behind the formation of Matrisangha. Through Matrisangha all the women associated with Swami Debananda Ashram come together with a pledge to evolve themselves spiritually so that they can acquire the ability to serve the socially and economically underprivileged women of the society.

Matrisangha functions at thirteen of the branches of Swami Debananda Ashram. The women attached to this association meet at least twice a month at their nearest branch-centres and take part in the hour long programmes that include prayer, meditation and group discussions among others. Once in a while His Holiness Himself meets the women at these gatherings and addresses various issues like mental inhibitions, trepidation and oppression as experienced by women for generations.



Dibya is an association of young boys and girls of 15 to 28 years of age founded by His Holiness, Swami Debananda Maharaj. The purpose of this association is well evident in its motto which is one of the many sayings of the Master Himself – “Build a heart that can touch all other hearts.” It goes without saying that the youth can mould the future of a nation, and therefore, Satguru Swami Debananda Maharaj, a sanyasin above all discriminations of caste, creed and religion, is striving to instil the spirit of “Renunciation,” “Love,” “Respect” and “Joy” in the supple untarnished minds of the youth in order to reap a good future harvest of balanced righteous individuals.

According to the Master, today’s youth is extremely smart, intelligent and efficient. Only a little bit of spiritual orientation and an acquaintance with the Truth can enable them to overcome their mental inhibitions, and reawaken their humane attributes. Members of Dibya belonging to each of the various branches of Swami Debananda Ashram meet at least once a month, and have group discussions where they share with each other their thoughts on the path shown by the Master. Once in a while His Holiness, Swami Debananda Maharaj addresses these meetings of young boys and girls. Many of the members of Dibya take part in different activities of Swami Debananda Ashram and Swami Debananda Mission. On various festivals and occasions they hold group discussions on stage, and also take part in cultural programmes with an aim to inspire many more youths to join the noble mission.

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