Swami Debananda Maharaj was taking class of all Dibya Karmi's at Krishnapur Ashram on 25 & 26 th May 2019On 25-26 May, 2019 Swami Debananda Mission’s mission is to provide selfless and tireless service to mankind by creating “self awareness”. Creating this self awareness invites the awakening of the higher consciousness and spreading the message of universal brotherhood towards fellow human beings. Aims to inculcate in every human being, a spirit of service and also of sharing, which in turn will culminate
in the realisation of universal goodness prevalent in every human being.
To help us achieve this goal His Holiness wrote innumerable books. “SHONO”(listen) & “ASHRAM JEEBAN”(Ashram life) are the must two books to read & follow by the ‘Brotees’. Gurudeb Himself takes ‘adhyatmik’ classes to ‘Dibya Sevaks’.











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